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Plan business retreats without boundaries

Organizing the perfect work retreat was never as easy as now. With Break Boundaries at your side, you can plan business retreats that help you achieve your team-building and productivity training goals blended with the ideal proportion of fun, luxury, and memories.

why break boundaries?

14 years of excellence have led us to excel in what we do. From a variety of tested
combinations of destinations and activities to the freedom of building custom team
retreats with expert specialists organizing it all, you can truly plan business retreats that
will matter to your employees.

Build Meaningful Team Retreats

how we work

Versatile team retreats

give your team a luxury retreat experience

The perfect business retreats are built to deliver unforgettable experiences to the team. With Break Boundaries, you can deliver that to your teams without having to compromise on your team-building and other organizational objectives.
Allow your team members to get to know each other, spend time together, and share in meaningful experiences
Foster the team spirit, connection and motivation within your team.
Foster team unity through diverse team building activities like sightseeing, sports (sailing, hiking, kayaking, windsurfing), games (treasure hunt, escape room), cooking classes, and more.


Your teams will travel to incredible destinations they will always remember.

Cultures & Cuisines

They will be exposed to cultures of the world and feast on delicious local recipes day and night.

Fun & Learning

These retreats will be planned to fit fun and learning together so you can do work and leisure all at once.

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